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Welcome to my steadfastly neglected personal web site. If you arrived here searching for family history research services in Spain, then please click the top left button to go to my professional site.

Click the magazines to see an occasionally updated list of my published genealogical articles.

To see my collection of photographs of armorial stones from old Spanish palaces and churches click on my coat of arms.

As a young stamp collector I was always fascinated by colonial postage - stamps of one country either overprinted or postmarked with the name of some other exotic, faraway place, usually somewhere one imagined heat and palm trees. A few years ago while in Panama I had the rare opportunity to see an analogous system from the inside, as the US closed the post offices of its last military bases in the former Canal Zone. To download in PDF format my catalogue of postal markings once used at the now-defunct US Military Post Offices in Panama, click on the cover illustration at right.

I also once authored an historical novel set in Spain... Sins of youth, etc etc etc. In fact it may have inspired the excellent Spanish novel Shadow of the Wind (but only in that, like Julián Carax in Shadow, I've since occasionally felt tempted to seek out and burn copies of my own work). To see the book's original promotional website (which was probably better than the actual novel) click on the cover.

More content will be added to this site as the opportunity arises, and is matched by the inclination.
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